Fado - private performance

    Did you know that Fado is considered a world heritage by Unesco?

Fado is the most traditional kind of Portuguese music. Having undefined origins, it has been used to express everyone feelings, especially nostalgic ones. The name Fado comes from the Latin “Fatum”, meaning destiny. People would sing Fado to sing about their lives, sorrow, an unwanted love or the “Saudade*” for someone who’s gone.

     Not everyone can sing Fado, as you need to be born with it running in your veins. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, Fado will teach you the history of the country and its people through the lyrics.

    In this tour you will walk through the neighborhoods of Lisbon linked to Fado, including Bairro Alto, Mouraria and Alfama. You will be able to experience what Fado means to local people and learn more about these historic, colorful neighborhoods.


    At the end of this tour you'll enjoy a private Fado show in a quiet corner of Alfama. There will be a Fado singer and two guitar players, performing just for you. Some Port wine and cheese will be also available, to make this a perfect experience. 


Up to 2 people: 200€

Extra adult: 35€

Extra child: free

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-          Licensed tour guide

-          4 hours private tour

-          Private Fado concert

-          Port wine and a small cheese board

-          Personal accident insurance


-          Dinner, other drinks and souvenirs.


Further information:

Your tour guide will pick you in your hotel lobby or cruise dock at your most convenient time.

After this tour your guide will be happy to give you suggestions for good local restaurants, walk you to a cab stop or explain your way back “home”.

*”Saudade” is a word untranslatable in any other language. It’s an intense feeling of missing someone or something or a longing for period of your life when you were happy/happier.

This program and itinerary are fully customizable.


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