We want a Fernando Pessoa doodle

     I’ve just received this email from Casa Fernando Pessoa and couldn’t resist to share it:

     ”On June 13th 2013, Portugal and the Portuguese language (spoken by more than 280 million people all over the world), will be celebrating the 125th birthday of Fernando Pessoa, our most universal writer and poet. Internationally revered by readers, Fernando Pessoa was the first writer ever known to have dispersed his creativity through tens of literary personas and the genius creation of the concept of three main heteronyms, whom he embodied but at the same time giving them a life, a biography and a style all of their own. Writing in Portuguese and English all his life, Fernando Pessoa, through himself and his own others, was the epitome of Portuguese literary innovation breakthrough, on the XX century. His legacy is now more alive than ever, having been translated and published in more than 40 languages.

     With all this in mind, we thank your doodle team, in advance, to take his upcoming 125th birthday under serious consideration.”

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“To be great, be whole;
Exclude nothing, exaggerate nothing that makes you.
Be whole in everything. Put all you are
Into the smallest thing you endeavour.”

“A small death in Lisbon”

Don’t worry, Lisbon is a very safe city! This title comes from the book written by Robert Wilson and is the first post of “Books to Read” thread.

I’m not a great fan of crime novels myself, so, I was quite reluctant of reading one from an American author that I didn’t know. Once I finally started reading it, I couldn’t stop until I finished the book.

It all starts with the police investigation about a teen-age girl murdered in Lisbon, today, but suddenly goes back to the Nazi Germany, during the II World War and then to the North Interior of Portugal, also in the forties.  The action goes back and forward (lot’s of action) from today to the forties without a link, until it all starts to connect… and that’s when you can’t stop reading the book.

I can’t remember of another book that got me so crazy about it, forcing me to cancel personal appointments and sleep less hours in order to read more pages. The best thing: I turned the last page without knowing how the book would finish and who was the murder.

In general it’s very well written, really glues your hands to the book and talks a bit about Portugal. Robert Wilson certainly used a local and double checked his sources as all details are authentic. Here’s the author’s website with few more notes and the synopsis.

Boa leitura!