International Museums night, in Lisbon

     Every year, on May the 17th, Lisbon and the rest of Portugal celebrate the Museums Night with music concerts, guided tours and whole program of fun activities.

     The program is vast, and can be consulted here. I know that it’s only in Portuguese, as this night is mostly aimed at locals, but please feel free to use the comment or email box, shall you need any help or suggestions.

     There are plenty of fun activities to choose from. Theater plays, staged tours, organ concerts, dance sessions and also activities for children. If you prefer to visit a museum on your own, just pick one, as all the museums will be open until 11pm, with free admission.

     The next day is celebrated as the International Museums Day and it’s also full of activities, guided tours and free entrances. I know that the sun is shining out there, but if you’re looking for something indoor, there’s a lot to choose from!

May 18th-International Day of Museums

     We are very excited around here at Lisbon Stories! Tomorrow is the International Day of Museums. We love what we do, so this date is just a good excuse to visit our stunning monuments  and museums yet another time. The best of all: for free!!

     The date is celebrated worldwide and the best of all is that this year, May the 18th is a Saturday, so there is a full weekend to be planned starting tonight. Yes, you read it well; many museums and monuments throughout the country will be open at night, holding different cultural events, music concerts, guided tours, etc…

     If you are around Lisbon I would suggest taking a walk around the Chiado quarter, in the center of the city, in the evening and then head off to one of the nearby museums open at night such as the Archaeological Museum of Carmo or the more modern Museu do Chiado.

    However, anything goes as the different programs include special guided tours, dance and acting performances, workshops for families and many, many activities more. The Portuguese institution that runs the public museums in Portugal (IGESPAR) has a full program of the weekend which you can see here.

   It is in Portuguese, but we are happy to help you with the translation. Just send us an email and maybe we can meet in one of the museums. Don’t miss out all the fun!!