Cruiseships… plenty of them

Today is a very special day for our pier: we have six big cruise ships docked in Lisbon’s harbor. Isn’t this something? I’m sure that the streets are going to be packed!

While Silver Cloud, Balmoral, Ryndam e AIDAaura and Independence of the Seas are just here for the day, Seven Seas Mariner and Silver Cloud are spending one night here. Together, they will bring about 9500 people to the Portuguese capital. This definitely isn’t a common situation as we normally receive one or two cruise ships per day.

During the month of August Lisbon will receive a total of 21 cruise ships, bringing approximately 33.000 visitors. Does it look like a big number? Not really if we bear in mind that during the year of 2010 Lisbon’s port received a total of 495.000 visitors, and about 502.000 passengers in 2012.

 Regarding Lisbon Stories’ statistics, 50% of our clients come on cruise ships. 60% of them are here just for the day while the other 40% are starting or finishing a cruise here and decided to extend their holidays.

Enjoy your time in Lisbon everyone!

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Hi, I'm Catia and I'm a licensed tour guide in Portugal. Some years ago I decided to create my own, small, tours company. It's been fun to share my love for Portugal with my clients and since not everyone is able to travel, I've decided to create this blog to share my passion with you. It's full of travel tips, recipes, events, random posts... I hope that you enjoy reading it!

2 thoughts on “Cruiseships… plenty of them

  1. I believe these are great news for Lisbon and I’m sure Lisbon will manage all those tourists perfectly well! It is a great city with lots to see and fall in love with. I’m from Canada and I’ve been there 2 years ago visiting friends and family and I left a little bit sad because I didn’t have time to see it all! Hope to come back soon

    • Hi Grace,
      coming from big countries most people think that Portugal is too small and a couple of days are enough to see it… and then, just like you, they feel sad as they could only see a little part.
      I hope that you come back soon to see more parts of Portugal!

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