Portugal has the best tourism movie in the world

    The Portuguese movie “Beauty of simplicity”, launched by the Official Tourism Board is officially a hit.

    I has already received the of silver medal in the “BestWorld Films Awards” in the category Short film in New York; the gold medal in Latvia at the “RigaTourfilm” 2012 in the category Commercial Film; and the 2nd place in Warsaw competition for the best film promoting country, region or city.

    Now it was just awarded a gold medal in the International Film Festival of Tourism and Ecology of Serbia - “SILAFEST 2012” in the category of Best Tourism Film. Besides, we also know that it will be one of four award-winning films at the CannesFestival Corporate Media & TV Awards 2012, the biggest event of the European corporate films.

    The music was made by Nuno Maló, a Portuguese musician living in Los Angeles and is nominated for the Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2011 in the category of “Best Promotion Score”.

Are you curious? Here it is :)

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