Seven cruises in the same day

     Today Lisbon will be exceptionally crowded. Seven cruises are on port and the city will receive about 8500 passengers only from the cruise ships.

     Crazy day? Maybe yes, maybe not. Though the city is not so big, I’m sure that many of them will decide to enjoy the beach in Cascais, the history in Sintra, religion in Fatima or wines in Arrábida. All these towns are easy to visit just in a couple of hours, which gives passengers passing by Lisbon many options in how to spend their time.

     Though receiving seven cruises in one day is a little uncommon, April is normally a peak month.. It’s the beginning of the season for Mediterranean cruises, which happens at the same time than the re-positioning of Mediterranean and North European cruise ships.

     This year, only in April, we’ll have 55 cruise calls. 33 cruises will be passing by during the day, 17 will be in turnaround and 5 in inter-porting  This means a 41% growth when compared to the 39 calls registered in April 2012.

Curious? Come on board and discover Lisbon!



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