With or without them?

     When you order cherry liqueur, one of the most popular Portuguese liqueurs, this is what you be asked: with or without them? Don’t worry: they’re obviously talking about the cherries: with or without the cherries?

     Made of sour cherries, firing water, sugar, cinnamon and water, this is a rather strong liqueur, widely drunk in Portugal. In some places you might even find it served in a chocolate cup (yummy), but most Portuguese people prefer the “original” version: just cherry liqueur with a couple of cherries.

     Besides the normal bars and pubs where you can find it, there are also a couple of “stores” that serve nothing but cherry liqueur. My favorite one is located close to Rossio square and was open in 1840. Believe it or not, it opens at 9am… This photo was taken a couple of hours later: cherry liqueur is an excellent digestive, and after one of those Portuguese big lunches, you really need one!


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