Thanks god for the free Sundays… or, I love Outjazz

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but I also love to have some free time for myself and for my friends. Since there are no bookings for this weekend I already have a plan for my next free Sunday. Want to meet me there?

    This Sunday I’m definitely going to be in the Park Eduardo VII (at the top of Avenida da Liberdade) attending Outjazz. This is a sort of music festival that brings different DJs and bands to the city center, with free concerts and nice moments of relax. They happen in different parts of the city but regarding this specific one, since it’s in the park, many people bring their kids, dogs, a blanket and some drinks and sit to relax the end of the afternoon. I’ve been there two weeks ago and can’t wait for tomorrow!

    Where and when? The concerts happen in different parts of the city. This year even hotels decided to join, so, the “stage” ranges from museums (Ancient Art Museum, Tiles museum, etc) to hotels (Sheraton hotel, hotel Mundial, Tivoli hotel, etc) passing by train stations, historical elevators (Gloria, Santa Justa) and obviously public parks and gardens of the city. It runs from May to September on Fridays and Sundays afternoons. On Fridays the concerts start at 6pm and on Sundays at 5pm.

   With big companies cherishing this project all concerts are free which allows everyone to enjoy nice concerts and performances. I’d say that this is a really good thing about Lisbon: there are tons of things that one can do even without money in its pocket!

    Here you can find the program for the whole summer. Just check your available date and see where the festival will happen that day. If you can’t understand the location or something else don’t be shy and ask, ok? See you tomorrow!

This is the photo I took with my bberry, 2 weeks ago

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Verdes Anos, by Carlos Paredes

Today it’s time for music and I decided to open this thread with a great guitar player, Carlos Paredes.

For those who can’t recognize the sound, nor the shape of the guitar, don’t worry: you’ve hardly seen or heard Portuguese guitar before. Portuguese guitar is one of the guitars that accompanies Fado music (the other one is the classical guitar) and has almost the shape of a mandolin.

Carlos Paredes was born in a family of guitar players and started to play the Portuguese guitar when he was only 4 years old and managed to create new sounds that no one else could play. During the Fascist period he was imprisoned and had no access to his guitar. To keep training he started to play music with an imaginary guitar, which made everyone think he was crazy.

The song that I’m sharing with you today makes part of the sound track of a movie “Verdes anos” (young years), based on the life of several boys and girls from the lower classes who migrated to Lisbon looking for work and a better life.

Verdes Anos, by Carlos Paredes