Vinho Verde – Green wine

After my last article about grilled sardines, I definitely have to talk about the wine that should be drunk with them: the green wine. “Vinho Verde” is produced in “Minho” region, a DOC region in the north of Portugal, known for its cold, rainy weather and fertile lands with granite soils. Due to the scarcity of the land and the frozen rime that falls during the night, these vines are cultivated in height, in tunnels or being used as fences.

Green wine is known for being be light, crisp, aromatic, with a light prickle of fizz and sometimes with a touch of sweetness. Should be served chilly and accompanies grilled fish, salads, chicken dishes and seafood. It’s perfect for those warm days when you just feel good when sitting outside, chatting with friends, when you’d normally have a beer.

 Despite its lightness, don’t let it trick you: this wine doesn’t go down, goes straight up to your head and you’ll only feel its effect when you try to stand up. Don’t worry though: it just makes you feel happy and alive, with no headaches nor hangovers. «

This wine is called “green” because the grapes are harvested before they’re done. Though everyone associates Green wine with a white wine, in the north the most popular is the red one, made of red grapes from Green wine casts. It’s confusing, I know. Personally, I like the white “Vinho Verde” better.

Regarding the prices, it’s very reasonable. In a normal restaurant a bottle costs from 10 to 18 euros, and can be bought for a lot cheaper in a supermarket. Since it’s not a “noble” wine no wine expert would ever say that its favorite wine is a green. Glad I’m not an expert: I simply LOVE it!

The stamp that all Green Wine bottles must have to proof its qualityShare your thoughts with me and this post with your friends!


My Easter holidays

After such a long time of pause, it’s fair enough that I start telling you a little bit of my last-week holidays.

Though I love travelling abroad, this time I decided to stay in my own country, going to the north and enjoying Minho region. If there is something that I love about Portugal, is it’s variety. In the range of few kilometres the landscape can change a lot, just like if you were in a different country.

Minho region is not an exception and despite loving my whole vacation, my favourite part was the National Park of Peneda-Gerês. During the same day I visited a 13th century castle, a park with 50 granaries or so, walked by the river and found a 12th century monastery, crossed a Roman bridge, caressed wild horses and discovered an old village, submerged by a dam, in the 70s.

Great food at a ridiculous price was also a constant, and the wine… How could I miss the light, fresh and slightly sparkling green wine, exclusive to this region?!

I just love every minute that I spend in the North of Portugal. Just hope that one day a little dream that might come true (in one or two decades): to create a “Porto Stories”! Sshhh, it’s still a secret!