Just for a few hours in Lisbon? Don’t miss a thing!

Most Lisbon Stories customers have the same problem: they’d like to see everything, but they only have few hours or days in town.
If this is your case, here goes a set of posts with different itinerary suggestions, according to your available time.

5 hours in town:

Walk through the organised streets of “Baixa”, packed with shops and cafés, until you reach isbon’s Cathedral. Here you can visit one of the oldest buildings of Lisbon as well as the church where St Anthony (known as from Padua, Italy) was born. Keep walking up until you reach Sta Luzia belvedere, in Alfama. It’s a steep walk, but once you’re at the top and can enjoy the wide view over Lisbon’s oldest neighbourhood and Tagus river, you’ll realise that it worth the climbing.
Your walking is going to be much easier now as you just have to walk down through the labyrinthine streets of Alfama, until you finally reach the river and after all, Comercio Square.  Tired? Relax on your way to Belém area, where once the Portuguese seafarers set sails on their way to Africa, Brazil, India, China and Japan.
Here you can visit St Jerome Monastery, built during the 16th century, in the Manueline style: a style that engraves on the stone all the different plants, fruits, animals and products that Europeans only got to know after the discoveries, as well as ropes, crosses, armilary spheres and other navigation tools that were used during this period. Visit only the church and if you have a sweet tooth, head to the famous pastry shop where you can try the custards once made by the monks from the monastery.
Walk or drive a bit more to visit Belém Tower (just the outside) and the Monument to the Discoveries with its map (doesn’t worth to get inside either).
You’re time is probably up and it’s time to leave, but don’t worry: I bet that you loved Lisbon so much that you’ll be back really soon.


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