And 2014th’s best custard is….

      Yesterday during the festival “Fish in Lisbon” it was announced the winner of 2014th’s best custard. This year the great winner was the pastry shop “Alcoa”, from Alcobaça, and here at LisbonStories we can’t wait for our next tour to Alcobaça, to try one.

     By now you’re probably confused: “I thought that the best custards could be found in Lisbon, in that famous pastry-shop in Belem?!”

     “Pastéis the Belém” can only be found in that famous pastry shop as it is said that they’re made with a secret recipe, invented by the monks who lived in St Jerome monastery, right by its side. Belém is indeed the name of the district.

     “Pastéis de Nata”, same thing than custards, but different name, are the ones that can be found everywhere else in the world. They taste just like the first ones, with the exception of the name… and the secret.

     Is there such a big difference? Honestly, no. Maybe the ones in Belem are crunchier as they’re served warm, but that’s about it. I love them, but after trying the ones served in Aloma, the 2013 winner, I couldn’t decide which is my favorite.

    Well, let me try Alcoa’s custards and I’ll tell you my final opinion!

And the oscar for the best custard goes to…

Remember that entry about Lisbon’s Fish Festival?

It’s still going on and yesterday there was a very special moment of it: the election of the best custard of the year.

All pastry shops claim to have the best one, so, it has been three years that a remarkable jury gathers, during this festival, and choose the best one of the year. This year there were 9 different pastry shops on the contest and after trying the 9 different custards (tough job) they chose “Pastelaria Aloma” in Campo de Ourique.

Curious about it? Book your tour today and ask our guide to take you there, to see if they deserve the prize.

Can’t understand what’s the big thing about the custards? I’ll explain that on my next post!