Like a tourist in my own city

     Yesterday Mr.s Shepley and her family needed to be back to their cruise-ship quite early, which left me with an almost free afternoon.  Normally I just rush home in order to avoid traffic and take care of emails and reservation, but yesterday I decided that I wanted to be a tourist in my own city.

     We did the wine and cheese tasting tour (my favourite), so, I wasn’t hungry at all. I started my tour passing by Loja dos Descobrimentos, the tile-shop where I do the tile-painting workshops. I wanted to pay them a visit and also had to pay my last workshop.  After a long time chatting, it was time to leave and head towards Comércio Square, looking for a treat: ice-cream!

     Comércio Square is the place where there used to be the royal palace, before the earthquake of 1755. Afraid of the river, the Royal family didn’t want their palace to be built there again and the square was thought to be the social center of Lisbon. Without cafés or shops, inhabitants never felt attracted by this magnificent square and it used to be visited only by pigeons and tourists attracted by the river. Few months ago everything changed: restaurants, cafés, flower sellers and even a disco were opened in this square, which now attracts both locals and visitors.

     The ice-cream, right. I was looking for my ice-cream when I saw the Beer Museum, recently opened, and decided to get inside. I’m not a beer drinker but it was fun to see the history of the beer production in Portugal and the Portuguese speaking countries. Besides, they’ve recreated a 16th century monastic brewery and a “monk” explains the history of the beer production, techniques and so. Feeling thirsty? The visit finishes with a tasting and you can bring a cute clay-cup home.

    Finally, I found a wonderful place for artisan ice-cream and started to walk towards Chiado, where my friends were waiting for me. Could life get any better? Maybe it could but then it wouldn’t be life, just a dream.

What do you think of my afternoon? Share your thoughts with me and this article with your friends!