We’re back!

     After a long silence, Lisbon Stories’ blog is finally back.

     Many were the reasons why I stayed away from this blog for so long, but I’m defintely glad to be back.

     If you’re visiting Portugal and are looking for tips, travel advices, activities suggestions, recipes and much more, just stay tunned. Since this blog only makes sense with your feed-back, please feel free to use the comments box, as well as the “contact us” button and tell us what you’d like to read in this space.

    If you’ve been to Portugal and loved your experience here, then feel free to write a blog post. It can be about your experience, about a funny story, an attraction review… you pick, we publish!

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About Catia L.

Hi, I'm Catia and I'm a licensed tour guide in Portugal. Some years ago I decided to create my own, small, tours company. It's been fun to share my love for Portugal with my clients and since not everyone is able to travel, I've decided to create this blog to share my passion with you. It's full of travel tips, recipes, events, random posts... I hope that you enjoy reading it!

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